Shepherd Of the Desert offers a variety of weekly enrichment classes throughout the school day for learning that extends beyond the normal classroom routine. These classes include Movement, Music, Science, Chapel, and Spanish. In addition, special programs and community visitors are scheduled each month to enrich and expand our student’s knowledge and sense of community.

Our Movement/Music program provides children the opportunity to explore and grow through activities that incorporate instruction through physical education and music opportunities. Our program is designed to enhance fine and gross motor skills, while reinforcing concepts taught in the classrooms through age-appropriate games and activities. These classes can help improve memory, boost math abilities and help students focus and pay attention. From identifying a rhythm and keeping a beat to understanding tempo and pitch, our students learn beginning music and movement concepts each week through hands-on, creative classroom activities.

Our science program covers many concepts from the air we breathe to the ground beneath our feet. Simple scientific concepts are taught in order to lay the groundwork for future scientific discovery and learning. Our resident scientist dazzles the students with entertaining experiments to provoke thought and discussion and, most importantly, to develop an interest in science and the world around us!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, all students gather in the church for a time of worship after morning drop-off. During this chapel time, students sing songs and learn about the Good News of our Savior, Jesus Christ, through bible stories, skits and online resources. Chapel is led by a variety of staff personnel including our Pastors, Youth Leaders, the Preschool Director and other classes themselves.

Our students are taught Spanish each week on Mondays and Tuesdays. The students learn the language through repetitive activities and songs and, at this young age, they are willing to try new language skills without reservation. Learning a new language is special skill that helps children develop an interest in and curiosity about different cultures and ideas and the global world around us.

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