Tuition Schedule

Preschool tuition is paid in 10 equal monthly installments.  All tuition payments will be processed through our online FACTS program.  Information on how to register for FACTS will be given to families upon securing class placement.  The first payment is due August 1st and the final payment is due May 1st.   One month’s written notice is required for withdrawal.

Preschool Tuition

Two to Five Year Olds

TTh Classes2 day costs
TTh am – 8:30-11:30$275
TTh lunch – 8:30-12:30$345
TTh all day – 8:30-2:45$450
MWF Classes3 day costs
MWF am – 8:30-11:30$360
MWF lunch – 8:30-12:30$470
MWF all day – 8:30-2:45$625
Monday-Friday Classes5 day costs
M-F am – 8:30-11:30$560
M-F lunch – 8:30-12:30$735
M-F all day – 8:30-2:45$925

Before and After School Care

Before Care (7:30-8:30am)
PlanDays/Week – Monthly Fee
A2 days/week  –  $70
B3 days/week  –  $90
C5 days/week  –  $110
After Care   (2:45-4:30pm)
PlanDays/Week – Monthly Fee
D2 days/week  –  $130
E3 days/week  –  $160
F5 days/week  –  $200

Drop-In Rate:  $10/hour

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