Caring Community

At Shepherd of the Desert, we care about the friends in our classrooms, the families in our school, the members in our church, our church/school staff and the people in our community.

Every child has something amazing to offer and makes a difference in our community.  It is our goal to build a school-wide atmosphere where every child feels connected to each other, to the teachers, to the environment and to their own learning.  This is done by establishing trust, listening to children and making them feel valued, having staff members who are interested and engaged with the students and making the students feel like they are a part of everything that happens in our community while helping them find success.

We also focus outwardly and participate in a variety of activities to help families in our church community, surrounding areas and beyond.  We visit the care centers in our neighborhood and sing songs throughout the school year, we participate in worship services, pray for church and school families, collect items to donate to local charities, pack food for starving children and host a variety of other outreach events.

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